IxCell Biotechnology Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai, China, is an industry leader in the field of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), mesenchymal stem cells, and applications in research and clinical cell therapy. IxCell has been designated as the Shanghai iPSCs Transformation and Application Public Service Platform to lead innovations in scientific research, drug screening, and clinical study.

IxCell is committed to producing innovative research- and clinical- grade iPSCs and mesenchymal cell therapy products that strictly comply with international standards of quality control. Our research grade products, such as IxCellTM-iPSCs, IxCellTM-Neural Stem Cells, IxCellTM-Cardiomyocytes, and IxCellTM-Hepatocytes, are used by research institutes for disease modeling and by pharmaceutical companies for drug screening.

IxCell’s U.S.-based R&D department continuously work to ensure the latest research and technology are incorporated into IxCell products. Our key technical personnel have years of experience in cellular biotechnology research and cellular manufacturing. IxCell aims to continuously transform current research innovations in life science and biotechnology into cutting edge clinical cell therapy products.